Made for you

Make it personal. Choose your crystal and your favourite piece.

Made by Hand

A small team of women who care about quality over quantity.

Made to Order

We hate waste, so each piece of jewelry is made especially for you.

Founded In 2013, Handcrafted Luxury Jewellery designed in Malta

Maltese designer and founder Sarah Gauci, brings you beautiful feminine bridal jewelry and sophisticated pieces that you can add to your everyday wardrobe. Using nothing but the world's highest quality crystals and materials.

Every Single Piece
has a Story

From a very young age, Sarah had an eye for jewelry, She used to sit with her late grandmother in her sewing room, organising all her beads and supplies, spending endless hours making her own little creations at a young age. It truly was a hobby she kept on and never wanted to let go. After realising that it was time to take her hobby to the next level, she originally founded Sparkle La Vie in 2016, with a recent rebrand to Sarah Gauci in 2019, and over the years became a self-taught jewelry designer with a never ending love for jewels and sparkly things. Her friends call her Magpie! Sarah Gauci specialises in Classic, Timeless, Feminine pieces and Bridal Jewelry - Literally anything that she can add a little sparkle to! Each and every piece is designed and handmade with endless love, dedication and attention to detail. 

Moving into a Sustainable Future for our Planet

Our planet is of utmost importance to us. We use 100% Recycled Silver in our Sterling Silver pieces, no piece of scrap metal is gone to waste. Instead we turn it into beautiful jewelry. The Brass we use is also Environmentally sustainable - an alloy typically made from recycled metals. We hate waste, so each piece of jewelry is made especially for you. Having said this, we are also currently switching to more Eco friendly packaging.


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