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Capturing the Magic: A Monet-Inspired Fairytale Wedding Shoot at Pynes House

Monet Inspired Fairytale Wedding Shoot at Pynes House Exeter UK

At Pynes House, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Exeter, our team of creatives recently embarked on a journey to bring to life a fairytale wedding inspired by the enchanting beauty of Spring and the timeless elegance of Monet's art. Guided by a shared passion for creativity and a commitment to crafting unforgettable moments, we came together to weave a tapestry of romance and magic.

Photography & Concept: Jennifer Jane Photography With an eye for detail and a vision for capturing fleeting moments of beauty, Jennifer Jane Photography led the charge in conceptualising and documenting the essence of our fairytale affair.

 Planning & Styling: Elisabeth Shell Events Elisabeth Shell Events orchestrated the symphony of design and aesthetics, curating every element to perfection and ensuring that each detail harmonised seamlessly with the overarching theme.

 Hair & Makeup: Leanne Hart HMUA Leanne Hart HMUA worked her magic, transforming our models into ethereal beings, with hair and makeup that enhanced their natural beauty and complemented the dreamy ambiance of the setting.

Floral Styling: The Flower Sessions The Flower Sessions brought the splendor of Spring indoors with their exquisite floral arrangements, infusing the space with color, fragrance, and a sense of whimsy.

Bridal Dress Store: Carina B Couture Carina B Couture provided the stunning gowns that adorned our brides, each dress a masterpiece of craftsmanship and elegance.

Bridal Dress Designer: Caroline Castigliano Under the expert design of Caroline Castigliano, our brides exuded grace and sophistication, embodying the timeless allure of Monet's muses.

Cake: Claire Arscott Cake Designs Claire Arscott Cake Designs delighted the senses with their delectable creations, offering not just a feast for the eyes but also a taste of sweet indulgence.

 Tableware & Linen: Laura Louise Hall Weddings Laura Louise Hall Weddings curated the tablescapes with exquisite tableware and linen, elevating the dining experience to a realm of opulence and refinement.

Jewelry and Rings: Sarah Gauci Official - Sarah Gauci provided the finishing touches with her exquisite jewelry and rings, adding a touch of sparkle and sophistication to our fairytale affair. Bella was adorned with the Bridgette Earrings, which added an extra layer of elegance and charm to her bridal ensemble.

Menswear: Next Official Next Official ensured that our grooms looked dashing and debonair, with attire that exuded timeless charm and contemporary flair.

Stationery: Rose and Grace Design Rose and Grace Design set the tone for our fairytale affair with their beautifully crafted stationery, inviting guests into a world of enchantment and romance.

Venue: Pynes House Nestled amidst the idyllic countryside of Exeter, Pynes House provided the perfect backdrop for our fairytale affair, with its elegant architecture and sprawling gardens.

Bridal Shoes: Di Hassall Di Hassall adorned our brides' feet with shoes that were as stylish as they were comfortable, ensuring that they danced the night away in sheer bliss.

Chandeliers: Crescent Moon Events Crescent Moon Events lit up the night with their exquisite chandeliers, casting a warm glow that added to the enchanting ambiance of the evening.

 Lollipops: Lovely Lollies UK Lovely Lollies UK provided sweet treats that delighted both the young and the young at heart, adding a playful touch to our fairytale affair.

Models: Bella Glanville & Alex Lesnevski Bella Glanville and Alex Lesnevski embodied the essence of romance and grace as they brought our fairytale vision to life, their chemistry igniting the spark of love amidst the enchanting surroundings.

Bridal Hairpiece: The Lucky Sixpence The Lucky Sixpence adorned our brides with exquisite hairpieces, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to their bridal ensemble.

Videographer: Sparks Film Weddings Sparks Film Weddings captured every magical moment on film, ensuring that our fairytale affair would be immortalized for years to come.

Together, as a collaborative team of visionaries and dreamers, we embarked on a journey to create a wedding shoot that transcended the ordinary and embraced the extraordinary. Inspired by the timeless beauty of Monet's art and the enchanting allure of Spring, we crafted a fairytale affair that will forever linger in the hearts and memories of all who were fortunate enough to witness its magic.

Creative Team:

Photography Credits: Jennifer Jane Photography

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Beautiful feature from a beautifully captured day, every detail perfectly curated

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